[OSList] Reminder: Open Space Poetry Contest

Jane Lewis janeelewis at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 22:00:21 PST 2012

This was written as a joke. And then I became fond of it, enough to share.


> letting go
> i stood at the circumference
> of the open circle 
> and breathed too hard
> and felt light-headed
> and as i fell
> i knew
> the ground would catch me
> and i emerged the same 
> but different

Jane E Lewis 柳芝蓮

On 2012/2/12, at 上午4:43, Lisa Heft <lisaheft at openingspace.net> wrote:

> Dear all -
> Thoughts into words
> into hands
> onto keyboards
> via cables
> up to satellites
> down to networks
> through servers
> into Lisa's Inbox
> onto Lisa's screen
> gathered and
> later to be shown back out to you.
> The Open Space Poetry Contest - your poetry about
>  breathing
>  trusting in the unknown
>  emergence
> and Open Space
> ...is still open.
> I will be collecting your poetic entries until the last moment of February 15.
> Send your entries to me at
> lisaheft at openingspace.net
> ___________________________ 
> Date: February 5, 2012   
> To: OSLIST <OSList at lists.openspacetech.org>  Subject: [OSList] Open Space Poetry Contest
> - I think of the lovely Brian Bainbridge, who many of us knew over years of sharing thoughts, stories and a few glasses of good red wine.
> - I think of the wonderful Allison Baensch, who wrote here that she is going through experiences of cancer and treatment - as are a few other friends here on the list. 
> - I think of Eslam and Cynthia and our other Egyptian colleagues who are emerging and re-emerging with strength, passion and voice.
> - And I think of the little miracle Riddley Wilbur McDermott - the newest to emerge.
> I think of those who have come before us, those among us, and those all shiny new like Riddley who have just joined us.
> Smiles and memories for Brian, 
> Healing love and care for Allison and you others,
> Spirit and courage for Eslam and Cynthia and colleagues,
> Wonder and discovery for Riddley and his parents...
> ...or any of the above words each of you would like to choose or switch around to serve you in these times.
> And to also serve you in these times, a good practice from Open Space: Breathing.....trusting in the unknown....and emergence.
> ___________________________
> I now re-open the OSLIST Restricted Form Poetry Contest.
> Whoever feels so inspired - I invite you to create some poetry with two guidelines: about Open Space -and- about 
> breathing
> trusting in the unknown
> emergence
> Send your poetry directly to me at lisaheft at openingspace.net
> Before the end of February 15 - wherever you live.
> I will collect them and then show them back to you, dear readers - so you may indicate your favorites - even though this is not a game of favorites. It is a gift of riches.
> It will, however, tell us who our new Poet Laureate of the OSLIST will be - someone who will hold the space for poetry space for about the next six months.
> I welcome all your fierce and quiet words,
> Lisa
> Lisa Heft, 
> One of the past OSLIST Poet Laureates - with a deep bow to my fellow Poet Laureates
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