[OSList] Reminder: Open Space Poetry Contest

Lisa Heft lisaheft at openingspace.net
Sat Feb 11 12:43:45 PST 2012

Dear all -

Thoughts into words
into hands
onto keyboards
via cables
up to satellites
down to networks
through servers
into Lisa's Inbox
onto Lisa's screen
gathered and
later to be shown back out to you.

The Open Space Poetry Contest - your poetry about
  trusting in the unknown
and Open Space

...is still open.

I will be collecting your poetic entries until the last moment of  
February 15.

Send your entries to me at
lisaheft at openingspace.net


Date: February 5, 2012
To: OSLIST <OSList at lists.openspacetech.org>  Subject: [OSList] Open  
Space Poetry Contest

- I think of the lovely Brian Bainbridge, who many of us knew over  
years of sharing thoughts, stories and a few glasses of good red wine.
- I think of the wonderful Allison Baensch, who wrote here that she is  
going through experiences of cancer and treatment - as are a few other  
friends here on the list.
- I think of Eslam and Cynthia and our other Egyptian colleagues who  
are emerging and re-emerging with strength, passion and voice.
- And I think of the little miracle Riddley Wilbur McDermott - the  
newest to emerge.

I think of those who have come before us, those among us, and those  
all shiny new like Riddley who have just joined us.

Smiles and memories for Brian,
Healing love and care for Allison and you others,
Spirit and courage for Eslam and Cynthia and colleagues,
Wonder and discovery for Riddley and his parents...
...or any of the above words each of you would like to choose or  
switch around to serve you in these times.

And to also serve you in these times, a good practice from Open Space:  
Breathing.....trusting in the unknown....and emergence.


I now re-open the OSLIST Restricted Form Poetry Contest.

Whoever feels so inspired - I invite you to create some poetry with  
two guidelines: about Open Space -and- about
trusting in the unknown

Send your poetry directly to me at lisaheft at openingspace.net
Before the end of February 15 - wherever you live.

I will collect them and then show them back to you, dear readers - so  
you may indicate your favorites - even though this is not a game of  
favorites. It is a gift of riches.
It will, however, tell us who our new Poet Laureate of the OSLIST will  
be - someone who will hold the space for poetry space for about the  
next six months.

I welcome all your fierce and quiet words,


Lisa Heft,
One of the past OSLIST Poet Laureates - with a deep bow to my fellow  
Poet Laureates
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