FW: OST becoming mainstream (was: Opening Space at Microsoft PDC)

douglas germann 76066.515 at compuserve.com
Mon Jun 16 17:51:47 PDT 2008

Hi friends--

I added a few external links. What else goes here? How about some
citations and footnotes?

			:- Doug.

On Mon, 2008-06-16 at 18:16 -0400, Harrison Owen wrote:
> OK Folks – I’ve done my part. Now – somebody else take a whack at it!
> It is pretty standard “harrison” and probably not up to all the
> critical “Wikipedia” standards, but I have done my best for the
> moment. Apologies for spelling and syntax, but I just sat down and
> wrote it. So what you see is what I did. Now – Surely you can do
> better!!
> Harrison

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