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I love it when you give simple answers like this, Harrison.  Great reminders
to do less.

I just facilitated an Open Space this past weekend.  At the end, during the
closing circle, there were the usual remarks about how surprised people were
that Open Space works and all.  I reflected, once again, on how little it
seems to me that I do, and how exhausted I am at the end of each day.

We used a wiki with this Open Space, and set it up so that the attendees
could put in the proceedings on the wiki.  Fortunately, between people with
their own computers and the fact that we were at a training facility with
computers in the hallway, many of them did it (
It was very cool.


P.S. I want to share this recommendation that my friend Scott wrote about me
on LinkedIn.  There are two reasons I want to share it: (1) he is the one
that invited me to facilitate my first Open Space, and (2) I love how
thoughtful he is about what's important.  So while I'm proud of this
recommendation, I'm also delighted with his insights into what makes Open
Space and communities work.

"I've been to three open spaces this year facilitated by Doc - one of which
was an open space that I organized. I'm planning my second open space with
Doc for later this year. Doc's interest and commitment to Open Space
Technology has been quite valuable to me. We reflect on each open space and
try to find ways to deepen our understanding of both the Open Space
Technology itself, and the impact of an open space on its participants. The
willingness to undertake open spaces facilitation with a conscious effort
for continuous improvement is something that I see as essential, and Doc
expresses this essential quality as part of his value system - both inside
the space and in life in general. I think that just about anyone could
facilitate an open space, but that quality of curiosity and exploration that
is at the heart of open space isn't always in the heart of everyone who
might choose to facilitate. That quality is in Doc's heart, and I think
that's what makes him a great choice as a person to hold time and space
while you and your community commit to exploring problems and solutions with
Open Space Technology. I'm enjoying the growth of my community's
understanding and the deepening of the relationships that have been
happening with open spaces. I know that Doc also has an appreciation for
this growth as well, and that's what keeps us coming back for more. I'm
looking forward to our next open space together."

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