practical question: uploading and collating images

Martin Boroson marty at
Tue Jun 3 11:19:08 PDT 2008


Hello all


I will soon be facilitating an OS for about 70 engineers.  We expect that
they will generate some new product ideas, which will involve sketching out
diagrams on paper, flipcharts and whiteboards.  The management would like to
have a record of these, and to include them in the report.  


To facilitate this, I have ordered some digital cameras and a scanner.  But
I don't know the best way to collate these images into one overall report
(that will primarily be in Word).  At the moment, I'm thinking that instead
of having participants insert the pictures into each individual Word report,
we could just put all the images into a separate file, which would be an
addendum.  But I'm not sure how to cross-reference these with the reports,
or what program to use for this.


We will be trying to print this document overnight on Day 2, in order to
have ready for Day 3, so I will need to to assemble everything very quickly.


Any top tips?  (I'm sure that someone out there has already solved this


Deep thanks,








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