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Lisa Heft lisaheft at
Thu Jun 26 11:32:41 PDT 2008

Hello, dear colleagues -


The excitement grows as we have participants from 16 countries joining us in
San Francisco this July for the 2008 World Open Space on Open Space !!


If you are considering joining us at this wonderful event, please do
register soon.

Your registering helps us in our planning for materials, food and beverage,
helps us understand our budget, and helps us have money in advance to pay
our bills.


We understand that some of you are waiting a bit longer to see if you have
the budget, or the time available, and that is fabulous - we will 'keep our
fingers crossed' * that you will indeed be able to join us - simply register
as soon as you know.


Visit  <>


And: we are seeking additional funding sponsors. Everyone coming to our
conference is contributing according to their individual financial ability
in a 'pay what you can afford' pricing structure - we welcome the richness
this brings and we seek funding to cover our costs per-person so that all
money raised via registration can go towards scholarship for our many
'Askers' who are joining us this year.  So: if you know of a favorite
client, organization, business, community, institute, University program or
individual who may be interested in funding this amazing world dialogue
event, please contact me at lisaheft at for a conversation
about opportunities and possibilities.


We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco next month!




* 'Keeping our fingers crossed' is a childhood wishing thing - you cross
your second finger over your first and wish for good luck - is it the same
in your country, too? or do you do something else?

* A deep bow to our friends at Neuland ( our first sponsor -
makers of presentation, training and facilitation tools and materials...and
to the fabulous Gabriela Ender for introducing us to each other...





Join me for the World Open Space on Open Space this July in San Francisco
<>  and the Open Space
Learning Workshop July 21-22  <mailto:lisaheft at>
lisaheft at 


L i s a   H e f t

On behalf of the 2008 WOSonOS Host Team

 <mailto:lisaheft at> lisaheft at



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