Magic in the Middle

douglas germann 76066.515 at
Sat Jun 14 13:07:39 PDT 2008

Hi friends--

I believe our friend Finn Voldtofte first coined the phrase "The magic
in the middle," to talk about what happens in circles.

What is the magic in the middle? I invite you to a virtual session on
this topic, here, now, on the oslist. Help us all puzzle this out. 

Is it one thing, or is it a cluster (or several clusters) of things?

I am not so much after words to describe this magic (those are welcome
too) as the concepts of what is actually going on.

For instance, these are some of the things I have noticed about it. What
have you noticed?

Being heard. Conversations that matter. Action. Knowing glance.
Emergence. Aliveness. Coming together. Whoosh. Creativity. Banter.
Differences unite. Collective intelligence. More. Field. Awareness of a
whole. A way of functioning. Intention. Widening view. Becoming a unity.
Hearing others speak your thoughts. Light out of the muddle. Effortless.
Flow. A life of its own. Enthusiasm. Getting work done. Moving people.
Taking charge. Peer to peer. The between. Third person appears. WEave—
old threads, new fabric, more.

The space is open. Come and play....

			:- Doug.

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