The Disaster of Un-Facilitated Open Space (very long)

Chris Corrigan chris at
Wed Sep 19 09:10:41 PDT 2007

Peggy...thank you for sharing this learning and clear thinking for us. The
work of "fieldworking" cannot be a linear process. I have often thought of
it as a similar process to what happens when an atmosphere loads up with
humidity which eventually precipitates into rain. It takes time for
conditions to arise, and when things precipitate, it is always the right
time. To be sure, there is still some moisture that remains in the
atmosphere, but the gift of this is that it seeds the next cycle.

My hope for your correspondent - if indeed he is truly invested in the
invitation you and Tom and others issued - is for him to remain suspended in
the field of inquiry and not knowing and by doing so to keep dropping
questions and learning into the field so that something powerful may yet
precipitate for him and others who respond to his invitation. It's about
passion bounded by responsibility. There is clearly passion here, and I hope
that he can see the benefit of taking the responsibility to stay in the
crunchy zone of confusion and not-knowing, as an act of leadership and
invitation to the world he wants to see birthed. We men don't do too well
with labour pains. ( :-) )

Congrats on a great conference.


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