2007 Clinton Global Initative Webcasts/Archives Available On-Line

Denise Lalonde Dlalondeny at aol.com
Sun Sep 30 08:34:42 PDT 2007

Hello Everyone:
I had the wonderful good fortune to volunteer again at this years  Clinton 
Global Initiative Sept 26-28, 2007 here in NYC. It is a  3 day meeting of world 
leaders, business leaders and NGO's who come together  to examine today's most 
pressing global challenges and transform that  awareness into tangible 
commitments to action.  The four areas of  focus this year were: _education_ 
tegory=50) ,  _energy  & climate change_ 
(http://commitments.clintonglobalinitiative.org/resources.htm?page=cgi_af_energy&category=51) , _global  health_ 
&category=52) , and _poverty  alleviation_ 
(http://commitments.clintonglobalinitiative.org/resources.htm?page=cgi_af_poverty&category=53) .  Billions of 
dollars of commitments were made over the 3  days.  
The entire meeting was recorded and is available on-line, along with the  
written transcripts.    
To get a great overview of what happened throughout the meeting, I  recommend 
the summation/closing session.  
I encourage each and every one of you to spend some time looking at some of  
the videos or transcripts from any of the tracks or plenaries.  (the 2005  and 
2006 meeting archives are also available.) The entire meeting is  truly 
inspirational and provides tons of examples of what is going right with  the world. 
Warm regards to all,
Denise Lalonde
Denise  Lalonde
Lalonde Consulting and Coaching 

dlalondeny at aol.com

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