Presenting OS to a Group - Proposed Experiment

Michael Herman michael at
Mon Sep 24 22:21:29 PDT 2007

hallo everybody,

i've been off working on renovating a new old house, with one eye on
rebuilding some of the walls and windows and such, and the other eye
on winter.  i'm going back to that in a moment, but couldn't resist
offering a thought i had here about presenting OS to groups
considering using it.

sometimes we get requests to talk about OS in front of groups.  years
ago, many of us used to trek around with the US West video or other
bits for show and tell.  today i noticed that there are now nearly
3200 photos on tagged with openspacetech.  most of them
actually have some connection to ost, too! <grin>

i wonder how it would go if we just sat down with groups (or
individual leaders, i suppose, as well) and just had that flickr os
slideshow going in the background.  tell some stories, point things
out or answer questions that arise from any of the pictures as they go
by, totally randomly and unpredictably.

just a crazy idea i wish i had someplace to test.  amazing, i think,
to have 3000+ pictures from everywhere.

meanwhile, i'm mostly back to the house rebuilding work, thankfully
broken up by the occasional OS gig and visits from the most widely
travelled parish priest on the planet, our friend brian bainbridge.
hoping to have emerged from the work here by next year's osonos



Michael Herman
Michael Herman Associates

312-280-7838 (mobile)

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