OS-like set-up in IBM tv ad

Communications Esther Matte ematte at excellence.ca
Mon Sep 10 04:58:07 PDT 2007

Hello everyone,

Did anybody watch the US Open Men's Final yesterday? There was an IBM 
ad where we could see a big room with a ... square of chairs and 
empty space in the centre. A guy comes in and asks where's the 
conference room gone. Then this lady in the centre of the room says 
"This is it. This is where we will innovate, create..." and I forget 
the rest. I immediately thought of OS. :-)

And here in Quebec, at the French Sports Channel, just a few minutes 
before the IBM ad, there was a Human Resources professional 
association ad where we could see professionals discussing... in a 
circle of chairs!

Just like we say in OS, be ready to be surprised!

Have a great week everyone!


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