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Hi..someone had a hard time downloading my attachment, so I thought I would send this out so it is easier to read, and I am so excited about it I just am bursting at the seams!
The Community Gathering

 An effective, fun way for neighbors and friends to come together
to create thriving, self-reliant communities. 


The biggest problem with trying to make positive change
is getting people involved. The combined aspects of the Community Gathering
dissolves the obstacles to participation;, stamps out hopelessness and apathy;
gets people excited; and empowers people to work together for a free, just


Community Gathering combines fun, food, music, conversations and child care
with a special way of having a town meeting called Open Space
Technology which makes it easy for everyone attending to:


*Build friendships

*Share knowledge

*Strengthen neighborhoods and communities

*Effect positive change

*Be engaged in the job of “civilization building” 


Some of the many things that will happen at a Community
Gathering include:

*Meetups, Time Banking co-ops,  and other already existing groups can use
this as their meeting space.

*A diverse group of people will have a chance to network and
cooperate, building trust and connection

*A shared vision and strategy for getting neighbors’ needs
met will unfold

*People are empowered to get support to follow through with
their passionate goals including things like  
starting a community garden, getting a neighborhood emergency plan
together, elect accountable political candidates, taking care of their family,
getting meaningful work, feeding the hungry, and caring for the environment

*Creating communication networks and connections outside the
weekly gathering

*Classes of all kinds including reading, art, languages,
communication, and grassroots activism

*Fun activities including dance, music, art and games

*On going work groups to help get projects going and enlist


you want to make a huge difference in your neighborhood and world? Help create
an environment where people can effectively address things that matter most to
them. Start a Community Gathering in your neighborhood!


For more information, call Patricia Mikkelson 479-225-0047 community_gathering at yahoo.com

Learn more and view a slide show here or at  www.myspace.com/communitygathering



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