Open space on European organisation for Quality Summer Camp in Slovenia

Danilo Kozoderc danilo.kozoderc at
Sat Sep 1 01:39:32 PDT 2007

Partnership Open Space Slovenia (made by two companies Edusatis – Aleš Cerin
and Vizor – Danilo Kozoderc) made an Open Space on European organisation for
Quality (EOQ) Summer Camp taking place in Slovenia August 18 do august 22.

There were about 70 people from Europe, USA and Japan – mostly quality
professionals but also different kinds of educators and change agents.

Work was done in three sections:

-Learning transformation

-Rethinking healthcare

-Honouring the world (junior section)

Every section has its own open space (three days, every day 4 hours). And
whole camp was a big open space. The spirit of this summer camps is always
very opened, very unconferenced.  So using Open space was quite naturally
way to make this camp. In the beginning Aleš Cerin presented Open Space
Technology and made some parallel between Open Space and spirits of EOQ
Summer Camp.

A unique – maybe not the best – was that every section had a leader and a
facilitator. Openness of space depended on trust of leader in OST. I’ll
describe a little more the work in section I facilitated – Learning
transformation. Leader of section were Sean Conlan from Ireland. We made a
preparation by Skype and made a very good degree of trust. It was clear, I
am responsible for process  and present me some aspect of content. We also
decided for theme. Theme was: ‘How can learning lead the transformation of

In wonderful opening about 20 participants propose about 30 topics and in
group work an open space for learning has made. It was interesting how
people who were experts for some topics contribute. Certain awareness was
present that it’s good to tell what you are passionated, but not take a
whole truth about the topics. It was really common searching and composing
new knowledge.

The results of OS were personal goals, what every participant will do on
this area and some proposal for common actions or projects.

The whole camp was in open space spirit. People often tell some principle or
a low  and in fact also use this during whole camp.

Nice wishes from Slovenia

Danilo Kozoderc

Partnership Open Space Slovenia

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