"rules" and self-organization

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> If self-organization occurs in os, would not the "space" still "open" 
> without things we have come to believe are essential?

People have been self-organizing conversations about things that matter to 
them, long before Harrison's "two-martini idea."

I agree that our usual structure and rules may not be necessary.   However, I 
think they are useful for releasing people from habitual patterns of behavior 
(on a "temporary" basis, which may not be as scary).

I have long believed that the use of simple rules (Open Space, or a variety 
of others) can make it easy for a group to experience new behavior and, 
sometimes, a higher level of organization--in a very short time, and with minimal 
inputs of energy into the system.   I had the fun recently of introducing a group 
to simple rules for improvisational theater, and watching them "act their way 
to a new way of thinking."   This simple intervention has released energy, 
enthusiasm and action in the organization, far greater than the energy that was 
put into it.

So, I guess I am not a purist about waiting for self-organization to happen 
entirely on its own, but am willing to nudge it a little.

Pondering, this morning--


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