WOSonOS 2008 in San Fransisco California USA

Gabriela Ender gabriela.ender at OpenSpace-Online.com
Tue May 29 00:16:27 PDT 2007

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am deeply impressed about our lively, appreciative, passionate and rich community. The OSlist is such a simple thing - but so powerful. I love it.

Thank you Thomas, Gerard and Andrew for the great first-hand information from Kiev. Wonderful. Congratulation to the WOSonOS team in Kiev! I was sad, not being able to travel to the last two WOSonOS gatherings. Now it's my dream to make it (again)to wonderful SF/California in 2008.

Hurray, dear Lisa and Congratulation. I am so glad to hear about this great result - now I can't wait to know the event date :) I wish you and your fellow team the best and lots of energy and joy for organizing the next WOSonOS!


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