Fw: Principles in Portugese

Artur F. Silva arturfsilva at YAHOO.COM
Wed May 23 09:59:48 PDT 2007

On Thu, 17 May 2007 11:10:41 -0400, Diane Gibeault 
<diane.gibeault at rogers.com> wrote:

>Hi Phelim,
>This version of OS principles in Portuguese were proposed to me by Arthur
>Silva  when I facilitated an OS in Brazilia last year and Brazilians seem 
>think they made sense:
>He called it the Brazilian flavour of Portuguese of the principles:

The Principles and other texts in the Brasilian flavour of Portuguese that 
Diane sent to the list are from the Brasilian translation of the OST users 
guide (that Harrison mencioned).

As Diane also wrote, that translation has the following title:

>-          The Brazil book has the title "Coffee Break Produtivo", 
>by W11 Editores, S.Paulo, 2003; can be ordered at:
>http://w11.doutromundo.com/site/acervo_detalhe.php?id_livro=10 .

I have also a translation of the principles into (the Portuguese flavour 
of Portuguese) that I have given to Lisa some years ago to her site, but I 
can send that again if it has been lost...


(In the Portuguese flavour of Portuguese "Artur" has no "h")

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