Photos and results from RoCoCoCamp are online

Deborah Hartmann deborah at
Sun May 20 05:13:14 PDT 2007

Oh, and I should add... an interesting aspect is that half of our huge 
space is surrounded by street-level, floor-to-ceiling windows. Because 
this is sometimes an art gallery, and there is a big sign outside about 
our event, people are walking in off the street and saying "what's 
this?" They are fascinated and thrilled... one woman stayed all weekend, 
never having heard of Wikis before! She is so excited, she can't wait to 
incorporate what she's learning into the way she works!

A provincial politician came by at our invitation, and after speaking 
with Esther Matte (who co-facilitated) he is excited about the 
possibilities of using this for his work with the public.

It's so thrilling!!! The "right people" are coming.

PS: oh, and the "right people" IS forming. This works well in French too 
(it's a bilingual event): "peuple: We had a fun argument over this at 
evening news. My poster now has "is" crossed out, and "are" written on 
in marker. "Are" is then crossed out, and "is" has been bolded. lol. 
"Whoever comes is are is the right people" :-)

Deborah Hartmann wrote:
> RecentChangesCamp is the international conference for folks interested 
> in Wikis, Collaboration, Community Building, and Self-Managing Teams. 
> The latest incarnation in Montreal is called RoCoCoCamp and it's 
> taking place right now.

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