Methods for Strategic Collaboration: Blendi ng Appreciati ve Inquiry, World Cafe, Open Spac e Technology & Pola rity Management ™

Marc Steinlin marc.steinlin at
Tue May 8 22:33:05 PDT 2007

Dear Christine,

Many thanks for sharing this with us.

This is the first time I am writing to this list, so let me quickly  
introduce myself. I am Marc, I am Swiss but living in Cape Town  
(South Africa). I have been working for more than 8 years with a  
large Swiss Development NGO as their Knowledge Manager and Human  
Rights advisor. In this position I have come across methods like  
OpenSpace, WorldCafé, AI and Future Search Conferences, which excite  
me a lot. Today I work as an independent consultant in all the fields  
mentioned, mainly again with development agencies. In the last 12  
months I have held space about 6 times with all sizes of groups, from  
about 70 to very small groups and I am enthusiastic about it. I have  
also used other methods (like WorldCafé) but do consider myself as  
still very much exploring and learning.

I am about to set up a similar type of workshop as you describe   
which I will facilitate for the International Labour Organisation  
(ILO) in July in Ethiopia. I do use a combination of WorldCafé,  
Appreciative Interviews, Story Telling and OpenSpace and therefore am  
most curious on what other people do. Attached you find a very brief  
description of how I have tried to put the components together.
Just a word on the background of the workshop: 5 projects of the ILO  
on decent work have just started off. The idea is to create a network  
of learning and sharing knowledge from each other for the duration of  
the projects. For this purpose the project staff should get  
acquainted with each other, learn about their issues, topics that  
each one is concerned with and to create a vision and plan on how to  
exchange over the months to come.

If you have some conceptual material on your approach (as you flyer -  
there was no attachment), I would be very interested in learning more.


Marc Steinlin
marc.steinlin at
Skype: marcsteinlin

Cape Town
Republic of South Africa
Mobile: +27 (76) 222 81 12

Zweierstr. 50
CH-8004 Zuerich
Mobile +41 (78) 850 42 32

Am 07.05.2007 um 08:03 schrieb Christine Whitney Sanchez:

> Dear Open Space Friends,
> I would appreciate you passing the attached flyer along to anyone  
> you know (including you!) who might be interested in a workshop  
> that teaches a blend of Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space  
> Technology, World Cafe and Polarity Management™.  Within   the  
> framework of Appreciative Inquiry as the change model, this  
> workshop teaches AI interviews for the Discovery Phase, World Cafe  
> for the Dream Phase, OST for the Design Phase, and Polarity  
> Management™ and local project design for the Destiny Phase.
> If you didn't receive the attachment, I'll be happy to send it to  
> you directly.
> Warm regards,
> Christine
> Christine Whitney Sanchez
> CWS - Collaborative Wisdom & Strategy
> 2717 E. Mountain Sky Avenue
> Phoenix, AZ  85048-8990
> 480.759.0262  phone
> 480.282.1027  cell
> Imagine engaging groups of 5 to 2,000 in strategic conversations.   
> Imagine relaxing in Colorado Mountain breezes in August of 2007  
> while learning four powerful methods that are being used around the  
> world for breakthrough thinking, decision-making and collaborative  
> action.
> METHODS FOR STRATEGIC COLLABORATION is a unique experiential  
> learning workshop that provides foundational theory and practice to  
> utilize Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, World Café and  
> Polarity Management™.
> ·         Through experiential learning, gain a working knowledge  
> of the principles, steps and practices of Appreciative Inquiry,  
> World Café and Open Space Technology.
> ·         Practice Appreciate Interviews, small group learning and  
> large group synthesis as part of the Discovery Phase of  
> Appreciative Inquiry.
> ·         Engage in a World Café as part of the Dream Phase of  
> Appreciative Inquiry.
> ·         Participate in an Open Space Technology meeting as part  
> of Design Phase of Appreciative Inquiry.
> ·         Practice Polarity Management™ as part of the Destiny  
> Phase of Appreciative Inquiry.
> ·         Craft appreciative questions and provocative propositions  
> in your own language and for your environment.
> ·         Design a large group project to take home.
> ·         Participate in two follow-up coaching sessions.
> The METHODS FOR STRATEGIC COLLABORATION workshop will be held at  
> the beautiful Sophia Retreat & Conference Center in Dolores, CO,  
> which is 61 miles west of Durango.  This four day training will  
> take place August 6 - 9, 2007.  For more information, please refer  
> to the attached flyer, contact Marcia Ranch (970) 223-0356  
> marciamranch at , or feel free to contact me directly.
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