How many OST facilitators does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Raffi Aftandelian raffi at BK.RU
Sun May 13 21:04:28 PDT 2007

[Read on at your own risk! Probably best to delete if you are thinking 
today that you are more than a speck of sand.]


Q. How many OST facilitators does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A. More than you would care to admit:

One to 

...assess the situation and determine that screwing in a lightbulb is a 
highly complex problem involving a diverse group of people with decision 
time being *now*

Another to

...write the facilitation proposal

...bring together a planning group to prepare the OST meeting, tentatively 
titled "Screwing in a Light Bulb, Making it Happen: Issues and 
Opportunities." and to write an engaging, inspiring invitation to this new 
vortex-opening OST meeting. and mentor the facilitator working with the planning group

...shadow consult the one facilitator working with the planning group space at the preparation stage to ensure that the diverse group 
will be able to successfully self-manage the translation and interpreting 
at the event and also to address disability access and literacy issues for 
the meeting. and hold space for the event

...assist the spaceholder in napping

...assist at the event with heavy duty logistics like picking up coffee 
cups and drawing butterflies and posters with inscriptions like "Bee 

...weigh in on the choice of post-event follow-up social collaboration 
platform, either a wiki or wordpress, typepad, so that stakeholders can 
most easily discuss the implementation of their action plans about it

...comment on the blog post about it to the OSlist

and 5 more to reply to the OSlist post

and another 5 to write gushy, welcoming responses to the comment of a new 
OSlist poster about it to OSW blog

...comment on the OSW blogpost

...write a case study about this ground-breaking event

...write an executive summary of the case study for a third edition of the 
Change Handbook keeping in mind those readers with a most skeptical 
attitude towards OST as the audience; writing the summary in such a way 
that the audience will understand that even though the light bulb was 
never screwed in 6 months on (and two skype conversations later) , what 
was really important and proof of OST efficacy was that people empowered 
themselves working in self-organized groups, there was high learning, 
breakthroughs in productivity, personal responsibility, leadership, etc.; 
also, the summary will have all the requisite references to Arrien, 
Wheatley, Bohm, Senge, Peters, Tillich, Beck, Wilbur, Cooperrider, and 
others. Summary will be also use appreciative language to frame the 
exciting opportunities for further follow-up OST work seeing as the light 
bulb was never screwed in, giving rise to a new iteration of emergent, 
wicked questions inviting further group reflections (at a special themed 
World Open Space on Open Space, "(More) Surfing the Waves of 
Transformation: the Case of the Light Bulb- the new co-evolutionary 
promise of emergent potential: "Wattever happens?..."

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