6th Scandinavian Open Space on Open Space!

Eva P Svensson eva at epshumaninvest.se
Sat May 12 08:43:12 PDT 2007

Hello all of you!

I am proud to announce our invitation to the 6th Scandinavian Open Space on
Open Space and on The Genuine Contact ™ Program.

When; 17-18 of august 2007

Where; Hallagärde gård (on the countryside on the west coast of Sweden)

Whom; all that are interested in and work with Open Space and/or the Genuine
Contact ™ Program


Do you want to know more – send me a mail off list and I will send the
“proper” invitation – since it is not possible (I think) to attach document
on this list J




Thomas, Eiwor and Eva and the Swedish Open Space Institute


Bästa hälsningar


Eva P Svensson


EPS Human Invest AB

"Verksamhetsutveckling genom människor skapar långsiktigt välmående företag
och organisationer"


Anåsbergsvägen 22, 439 34 ONSALA

Besöksadress; Slussgatan 1, Göteborg

Tfn: 0300-615 05, Mobil; 0706- 89 85 50

 <http://www.epshumaninvest.se> www.epshumaninvest.se


Besök gärna min blogg;  <http://www.epshumaninvest.blogspot.com/>


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