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Gabriela Ender gabriela.ender at OpenSpace-Online.com
Wed May 9 08:56:02 PDT 2007

Dear John, and others,

I want to come back to your wonderful thoughts regarding this principle because I like the way you have been experimenting in Haitian Creole and in English with very much: "What Happens is what happens - learn and move forward."

And you have added: "This principle helps us to not lament over should'ves, to not wallow in regrets. We're all responsible for how we use our time and space together during this meeting. Let's assume that responsibility and be prepared to accept what happens and to continually strive to learn and to keep moving forward."

I totally agree and I like they way you describe it!

I have a question. Would it be also okay to say: "What happened is what happened - learn and move forward." ?  I mean "What happened is what happened" (it is past - so we cannot change it anymore) and "learn and move forward." is present ... with responsibility in my/our "here and now".

"What happens is what happens" sounds for me (as a foreign English speaking person) like it is the present and for "here and now" we are responsible ... how we use our time. Therefore I think that changing the first part of this principle variant "into past" could express the "when its over its over" in it a bit better and would make a distinction to present and concsious responsibilty.

I would appreciate your and the opinion from others a lot. Thank you very much!


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