Question - bilingual opening

Deborah Hartmann deborah at
Sun May 27 11:46:25 PDT 2007

Thanks, Peggy. Did you two walk the circle?

Peggy Holman wrote:
> When I did the OS in Colombia for the street kids, there were 
> virtually no English speakers.  Since I don't speak Spanish, we 
> discussed my not opening the space at all.  In the end, the sponsors 
> felt that having this person who came so far - me -  be visible was 
> part of the creation of a welcoming space.  So the approach we took 
> was that I'd say a sentence in English, then my partner, Andres 
> Agudelo, would say a paragraph in Spanish filling in all the details.
> It worked.
> from rainy Seattle,
> Peggy

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