RoCoCoCamp: More OST in the mainstream media

Deborah Hartmann deborah at
Wed May 23 16:38:15 PDT 2007

Following up on this weekend's activities:

RoCoCoCamp was a bilingual (English/French) BarCamp event for wiki 
folks, on the theme of Collaboration, Creativity and Self-organization. 
It ran for two days, followed by Convergence on the third day. Many 
experienced Open Space for the first time and found it a useful way to 
meet. Certainly, many, many connections were made and projects were 
started or enhanced. Facilitating three days was, for Esther Matte and 
me, a big committment and a lot of effort... but it was worth it to see 
so many people learning and forging new collaborations!

There was a report on RoCoCoCamp in the mainstream media.
I'm posting a link here in case it's useful to our French OST folks.

And an English translation:

*As always, the right people came... and apparently the right things 


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