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Dear colleagues -



                                          nods her head

                            and blossoms spring forth

                         worms bring   a i r   to solid earth

the             dew kisses baby birds with open hungry mouths     

space opens for every being every leaf and every rock connected

                  we humans dance around on this rolling planet

                       touching feeling inviting witnessing

                         we open space to sit to breathe

                              to breathe to remember

                                 in circles, one with







I write the poem above in honor of our new Poet Laureate.


Trees, please shake your leaves in applause, as I announce that....



Ms. Karen Sella is the writer of poem #1, "Open Space for Cats and Dogs",
and the new Poet Laureate of our OSLIST community 


Ms. Fabulous and Poetic Sella will hold this title for the next six months
or so, holding space for poetry on the list by inviting, noticing,
inspiring, offering poetry.whatever is her unique way.  And at the end of
that six months or so she will host another restricted form poetry contest
.and so the tradition continues.


We pass the leafy crown to you, Ms. Sella, with the deepest of bows.


Here again are the seven amazing poems inspired by nature and Open Space,
and now, the talented, thoughtful mystery poets will be revealed.  What a
wonderful thing to have people like you in our world.











I walk through fragrant blue sky

Bare feet on wet grass.

It is too cold for bare feet,

But my teachers have taught me well.

Who can resist a noisy yawn and a warm wiggle first thing in the morning?


To greet each dawn and each other with a curious heart.

To be mesmerized by the smallest motion.

To breathe the air, the earth.

To inhale the stories in each blade of grass. 

To forgo the coffee and drink the dew.

To listen for what can't be heard.

To bathe in light and nap awake in the middle of the day.

Is to arrive fully alive.


Forget the honey, taste the bee.

I have but one question:

When the butterfly lands on my nose, can I eat it?




Entitled: Open Space for Cats and Dogs



--  Karen Sella









Nero, they say, fiddled his empire to flame.

And Nemo ruled the watery underworld so deep.

I prefer our posted sessions and spirits to name

Above water, ever fiery, still moving, to keep.




--  Ralph Copleman









Smell the ripplering of the temple bells

as the

bumblecat strapped with a 

slice of toasted (w)oneder bread 

devilishly buttered with dancing Goan ghee

uses its wingpaws

and doesn't quite fall splat

onto the groundless ground

of the agora



-- Raffi Aftandelian











pacific coast glowing gray in fog.

sea lions shout their lazy tales.

and here along the moist forest trail


el dorado appears: a small grove of pine

dripping with gold. paper thin flakes,

tarnished with black: a thousand gently resting


butterflies. we witness this treasure

because they have followed the

law of two wings for a thousand miles.




-- Jeff Aitken












Active stillness. 

A squirrel sniffing the air and looking around curiously.


A flurry of activity.


Leaves blowing in autumn winds.




Clouds moving gently across the sky.


Sensing movement.


A flock of birds sensitive to the currents of wind.


Jarring confusion.


A sudden storm that seems to strike from nowhere.


Calm acceptance.


A lake on a calm sunny day.


Moving from one place to the next - opening to all experience - opening to




-- Nancy Wells










a fallen flower


flew back to its branch!


no, it was a butterfly


or was it a bumblebee?





-- Kerry Napuk 











It's the bells,

It must be!


As always my heart beats faster,

My body trembles.


Through my teary eyes,

I see the Spirit!



-- Elwin Guild 





Happy amongst your thoughtful words, Lisa



L i s a   H e f t

Consultant, Facilitator, Educator

O p e n i n g  S p a c e

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