Unconferences strike again.

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Kaliya -- having had some extensive contact with the press over the years, I
count it a good day when I am NOT quoted. With very few exceptions, they
always seem to get it "WRONG" -- and sometimes disastrously so. And then you
are left with the interesting task of explaining what you did NOT say. And
very quickly you find yourself caught in the "When did you stop beating your
wife" syndrome. Not a good place to be. 

But in fairness to my friends in the 4th Estate, there have been some
marvelous articles on Open Space. The New York Times did a superb feature
story, as did The Washington Post and a number of others. I am not sure how
much all of that is worth (outside of "historical interest") but it might be
useful at some point in order to help some of the "Unconference" folks
understand their roots. 

It is not about pride of authorship, or even pride of place. I just feel
sorry for these folks not being able to access the 22 year experience that
we all have shared. There will always be people who want to re-invent the
wheel, but they could save no small amount of pain and agony if they were to
check in on what came before.


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Yes well.
 they also failed to mention to of the women they interviewed who are
working closely with the men extensively quoted and referenced.
 Just the business/tech media in action I suppose.
On Sunday, May 13, 2007, at 09:53AM, "Harrison Owen" <hhowen at verizon.net>
>Seems like our secret it out! Or maybe the secret is that Open Space has
>gone under deep cover. See the recent Business Week

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