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first of all thanks a lot for this the discussion on "whatever happens...".
I'm learning a lot from all of you! :-).  My reflection follows


The principles in Italy

 This is how normally people reacts to the principles here in Italy - at
least in my experience (from the latter to the first one).

4. When it's over......: It's definitely the principle that hits more the
imagination of the people. My feeling is that happens cause this principle
invites people to break some of the rules that they can't normally break
during their daily life.

3. Whenever starts.....: this is the Italian principle, as Harrison has
always said. People don't seem to be really caught by it, probably cause
this principle is so strongly part of Italian culture that for most of the
people is simply "a fact of life".

2. what ever happens.....: same experience as most of you, a lot of the
people reacts to this principle with a bad feeling - they perceive it as an
invitation to be fatalist. More then a time it has happened to me that
during the talking stick people have commented this principle, saying that
in the opening they had a bad feeling while at the end they had understand
the real meaning of it.

1. Who ever comes .....: normally people seem quite neutral about it. And
some times my feeling is that they perceive it as a sort of justification of
the work of the organiser - something like "I apologise for the absence of
some important actors, it's not my fault and please don't be influenced by
it". So in some way they perceive it as the exact opposite of what it should


Presenting and explaining the principles and the law

Few weeks ago I was discussing about how to open the space with a colleague,
and she was saying that in her opinion the presentation of 

the principles should not take too long - exactly cause they are simply
"facts of life", everybody knows them. And that their presentation is useful
only to make clear that the big issue of an OST is the NOW. 


Now this is exactly the opposite of what I have been doing in this years
(and she was suggesting me to change my way of opening the space). When I
open the space I spend quite a lot of time introducing the principles. I do
this cause:

- I want to give participant the right (control) comprehension of the

- Even if the idea that the principles are "facts of life" is fascinating
and probably deeply true, when I introduce the principle I normally end up
with a sort of final invitation that sounds like "even if this principles
and the law may appear to you not very important or even a little bit
extravagant, be aware that they are really serious and that the productivity
of this open space will depend strongly by your ability to follow the
principles and apply the "one law" of the open space. You all know how
difficult is to let them go :-).


A big ciao 





Gerardo de Luzenberger

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