Open space for a faith based organization

Brendan McKeague mckeague at
Wed Jun 30 18:36:36 PDT 2004

G'day Jack - sounds like a wonderfully enriching engagement - in my
experience faith-based communities are great to work with..
I love the idea of Two Hands of Dialogue - how and when did you introduce
this in the group?
and what are Canadian Tables?

At 04:31 AM 7/1/2004, you wrote:
>I introduced/experimented successfully with the "Two hands of dialogue":
>1. Greet similarities with appreciation
>2. Greet differences with curiosity and creativity.
>We even had the need and opportunity to use Canadian Tables and other
>ongoing inspiration I continue to be graced with in this online community of
>OST practice. A beautiful experience in all.

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