Open space for a faith based organization

Jack Ricchiuto jack at
Wed Jun 30 13:31:06 PDT 2004

This morning I opened space for a large faith based social service
organization here in Cleveland (Ohio) with 30 people, most of whom had never
been through the process before. Three rounds of the most marvelous
questions emerged around the theme of how we provide services as a faith
based organization to a very faith diverse community.

Participating were board members, staff, community leaders, funders, and
area clergy from partnering congregations. It was a ground breaking
conversation where we saw attitude boundaries soften and openness to new
levels of understanding.

I introduced/experimented successfully with the "Two hands of dialogue":

1. Greet similarities with appreciation
2. Greet differences with curiosity and creativity.

We even had the need and opportunity to use Canadian Tables and other
ongoing inspiration I continue to be graced with in this online community of
OST practice. A beautiful experience in all.

jack ricchiuto

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