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>       Posting a topic serves to focus our attention on an aspect of
>       something we care about. Focusing attention is a way of assuming
>       responsibility.


On the occasion of Joelle's 10th business anniversary (Sound Resources), we 
created the following, partly based on some teachings by Oswald Swallow of 
South Africa, one of my life's guru's.   He taught "Choose to have Fun" (it is a 
choice) and of course, much more.   Anyway, your bit on what "focusing 
attention" might do is what prompted me to share the following:

Choose to have Fun!!
Fun creates Enjoyment
Enjoyment invites Participation
Participation focuses Attention
Attention expands Awareness
Awareness promotes Insight
Insight generates Knowledge
Knowledge facilitates Action
Action yields Results.

Therefore: Fun is Results Producing.   (Which is one reason why OS works so 
well, people are having Fun).   If one chose, you could have quite a discussion 
about each line.

Paul Everett

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