Care and Feeding

Christy Lee-Engel clee-engel at
Tue Jun 22 17:38:02 PDT 2004

Dear Paul,
Thank you for your outrageous story! You wrote:
"I was engaging the entire workforce in the ideas of WCM, so it was a
big project, many months.  

One of the principles in WCM is the idea of the Outrageous Goal...
...That's the story. As close to an industrial miracle as I've witnessed
in my 40 years of manufacturing experience.  I have several other such
stories, one regarding plastic pipe extrusion, but the principles were
the same---set the Outrageous Goal, set the "new rules" and get out of
the way.

Paul Everett, Consultant
Lean Systems Thinking (WCM)  * * "
and so I am very curious about the relationship between the previous
"many months" of work, and the ability to rapidly self-organize to come
up with and meet an Outrageous Goal. What kind of conditions do those
many months create?
Christy Lee-Engel
Seattle (where it is sunny! and hot!)


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