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Dear Raffi,
the last two years I did a little pro-bono consultancy for a group of
4 women painters in Austria, whenever I was there (and by e-mail).
They developed a new praxis of painting together. There is a
brainstorming when they meet. Whater ideas come up. ...When the right
moment is there, they start painting. Sometimes they do their
individual painting, sometimes they are two, sometimes they are three
working in one painting. They said, it has nothing to do with the
well known idea of a painting collective. They say, something new
kicks in, when they do what they do. We developed the idea of  a
painting spirit, which is the real "author" of the painting and
consists of the whole (the three, the three pairs, the three
individuals). I never did any specific ost-theory, or setting or so,
but/because it already felt quite open space-ig for me. They
evidently opened their own space. I was just sometimes there.

Now they are preparing the public outing of the 1&2&3-painting
spirit/painter. So my consultancy contribution moved a bit to the
marketing of the idea within the art market. But this 123painter
in-divi(vi)dual/spirit goes on working/painting all the time.

Is this the type of experience, you are looking for?

Bernd Weber  wb-trainconsult at gmx.net, on 19.06.2004 at 18:41:43
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On Sat, 19 Jun 2004 13:39:02 +0400, Raffi Aftandelian wrote:
I have a gut sense that OS can be used (has been used) for the
creative process. For acting, writing, music-making and the like.
I'd be curious to hear how people have used it in the past for such

Maybe there are also untapped, yet untested possibilities that you
know of?


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