getting started in consulting

Fri Jun 18 11:48:47 PDT 2004

Raffi and Don,

I think Don is spot on---you will know from the marketplace.   While it is
not strictly necessary to have been a manager in order to do consulting, it is
useful to have had some experience "on the floor" as it were, whatever that
might be.   Very young consultants have a credibility problem unless they have
some very specific expertise such as IT, engineering, psychology, etc.   In
other words, they have a special niche and from there they can broaden out.   Or,
they sign on with a recognized consulting firm as a 'green pea' and learn the
business working under more experienced consultants.

I would also suggest you get and read Peter Block's book, "Flawless
Consulting" and "The Consultant's Calling" by Geoffrey M. Bellman.   These are two of
the most useful reads on consulting that I know about.   And, good luck.

Paul Everett

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