AW: "Power to the people" or/and "showing people, what they had said" (LONG!)

Lucas Gonzalez lgs0a at
Sun Jun 6 07:21:48 PDT 2004

I can only bring my small frustration to this issue: there have been OS
gatherings in London ( which I couldn't attend as
I live some 3 thousand miles away.

I know we all have to negotiate with reality, but to me the invitation
wasn't all that "open".  Did the internet-experienced, fast-typist
people write summaries which would be the starting point for those of
us outside the circle?  Not much, really.

Would I have wanted their restaurant napkin digitized and placed on the
'net?  Sure I would.  Anything better than this distance, if you ask

Maybe this is a bit like open source in computers: volunteers (those
with passion and responsibility) do what they like (and so they
should), but someone might want to "pay" for "someone" doing what
nobody likes doing, just like IBM pays for specific tasks in Linux ...
hang on, documentation is also the boring part of coding a computer
program!!!  Maybe those of us who live far away should be able to
subscribe paying a small amount of cash - to pay for some note-takers.

It would be a non-compulsory, possibly nice, addition to the core
openspace itself.  A welcome one for the distanced.  *If* it doesn't
hurt the process - which is something for the experts (=those with
experience) here to say.

I *imagine* open space can swallow anything you throw at it, as long as
it doesn't close the space down.  I mean, people always bring in their
own previous "everything": languages, concepts, experience, passions,
personality, and skills.  If some in the groups have previously learned
to draw, to do lateral thinking, to play drama, to sing, whatever -
they may (or may not) use that.

So if someone opens the possibility of learning to draw before an OS
event, then maybe some of the participants will take that learning.  Is
there a HOW-TO somewhere?

Again, only my imagination at work here.

Awaiting your comments.  And, as usual, a big thank you.


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