Michael Herman mherman at
Thu Jun 3 09:08:30 PDT 2004

thanks, larry.  i posted about meetup some time ago, more than a few
days ago... perhaps somebody else should get credit for posting
recently.  and yes, when i found it, it sure looked like open space to
me!  circles gathering around purposes, posted on bulletin board, open
marketplace, active monthly or weekly breathing.  self-organization is.


Larry Peterson wrote:

>Michael Herman posted a link to a few days ago and I had
>the gift of a bit of slack in my schedule.  So I went to the site.  I
>found an active Toronto community using meetup.  One of the active
>groups was focusing on Ken Wilbur and having a meeting last night.
>Everything conspired for me to show up and it was a marvellous
>conversation.  People were at various levels in understanding and
>exploring, but some real depth from the psychological stream and the
>scientific stream and some who had been exploring Wilbur's work for 10
>years or more.  One relative newbee had recently taken Spiral Dynamics
>training and was keen to make those connections.
>Few had heard about OST but were fascinated by what they heard.  A
>couple of folks in the group are also active in an Andrew Cohen network
>and the magazine "What is Enlightenment?"  The magazine's latest edition
>is on "the mystery of collective intelligence".  I have not read it, but
>OST is not a featured subject.  So it blew them away to hear what OST is
>about and the synchronicity of the conversation that evening.  I plan to
>go back when I can again.
>Just thought I would say thanks to Michael.  Meetup is a free "bulletin
>board" to enable connections between people and seems to be active in
>English in many countries.
>Larry Peterson
>Associates in Transformation
>Toronto, ON, Canada
>larry at
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