Larry Peterson larry at
Thu Jun 3 08:47:10 PDT 2004

Michael Herman posted a link to a few days ago and I had
the gift of a bit of slack in my schedule.  So I went to the site.  I
found an active Toronto community using meetup.  One of the active
groups was focusing on Ken Wilbur and having a meeting last night.
Everything conspired for me to show up and it was a marvellous
conversation.  People were at various levels in understanding and
exploring, but some real depth from the psychological stream and the
scientific stream and some who had been exploring Wilbur's work for 10
years or more.  One relative newbee had recently taken Spiral Dynamics
training and was keen to make those connections.

Few had heard about OST but were fascinated by what they heard.  A
couple of folks in the group are also active in an Andrew Cohen network
and the magazine "What is Enlightenment?"  The magazine's latest edition
is on "the mystery of collective intelligence".  I have not read it, but
OST is not a featured subject.  So it blew them away to hear what OST is
about and the synchronicity of the conversation that evening.  I plan to
go back when I can again.

Just thought I would say thanks to Michael.  Meetup is a free "bulletin
board" to enable connections between people and seems to be active in
English in many countries.


Larry Peterson
Associates in Transformation
Toronto, ON, Canada

larry at

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