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>> World Culture Open (WCO) www.worldcultureopen.org is a people-centered
>> "cultural Olympics" accessible to all. It serves as an open
>> environment where individuals and organizations engaged in the
>> creative arts, holistic wellbeing and humanitarian service can share,
>> celebrate and experience the wisdom inherent in diverse cultures to
>> build bridges and achieve personal and collective peace, harmony and
>> balance.
>>  We would like to request your help in finding three individuals or
>> groups from any country in the world you believe represent humanity at
>> its best in our three focus areas -- the creative arts, holistic
>> wellbeing and humanitarian service. From the candidates submitted,
>> three will be chosen to receive an award of $100,000 each at a
>> ceremony in New York City on September 9th. This is part of the WCO
>> Global Festival 2004, a 12-day international "cultural Olympics"
>> featuring awards, competitions, demonstrations, concerts, seminars and
>> other events that opens in New York City from September 8 -10 and
>> continues in Korea from September 11 -19.
>>  Nomination form for 2004 WCO Awards (deadline July 15):
>> www.worldcultureopen.org/award
>>  When the WCO Global Festival 2004 continues in Korea, it will be run
>> for nine days in the cities of Seoul (South), Pyongyang (North), and
>> Panmunjom (in the DMZ that currently separates North and South). At
>> these venues, the highlight is the WCO Open Competitions. Contestants,
>> selected from applicants from around the world, will be brought
>> together to compete in traditional or contemporary dance, traditional
>> or contemporary music, martial arts, and traditional methods of
>> mind-body meditation and exercise. In the humanitarian service field,
>> participants will be selected from entries in the form of exhibitions
>> in photography, video and other forms of artistic presentations that
>> explore the theme "World Peace, Harmony and Service to Humanity."
>>  Application form for 2004 WCO Open Competitions (deadline July 24):
>> www.worldcultureopen.org/competition
>>  If you or an individual/group you know would like to perform as part
>> of the Global Festival in either New York City or Korea, please let us
>> know by completing an application form.
>>  Performance application form for WCO Global Festival 2004 (deadline
>> July 24):
>> www.worldcultureopen.org/performance
>>  WCO is a participatory organization shaped by the individuals, groups
>> and organizations taking part. Your comments and suggestions are both
>> welcomed and encouraged.
>>  Sincerely,
>>  Kiyul Chung
>>  Secretary General
>>  WCO Organizing Committee
>> www.worldcultureopen.org
>>  If you do not wish to receive future notices of WCO activities,
>> please click here:
>> http://www.worldcultureopen.org/help/cancel.asp

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