alignment with charitable trust status

daniel lebel lebelland at
Thu Jun 3 14:04:38 PDT 2004

hello friends,
Today we opened space on aligning our organisation to the form for being a legal entity that is a Charitable Trust.  It was a plan to go through the various 'markers' /key indicators and to just open up more space when ever some conflict showed up.  It all went well indeed.  But I thought to ask the list if anyone has gone through this process and could share some stories with me ( with us).  I want to simply say,.............. look everything is covered....all meetings take place in Open Space.......Four Principles, One Law and so on.
However.......there is great possibility here.  This organisation called InterSpace has been meeting in Open Space for a year now and enjoying great freedom and exciting encounters.  Essentially a Community Art Space it is clear that our engagements with the community are greatly valued for the quality of the contact and the processes that people share and are working  with.
That's it.

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