Glossary and definition of OST terms

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Wed Jun 2 20:00:18 PDT 2004

Hello, dear colleagues -

As some of you know, I have been building a glossary of OST terms for
which I have written definitions.  I have worked with some of you to
help translate these terms into other languages so that people can have
a source point for many languages.  All communities have their common
vocabulary which is not always clear to people new to the field and the
community - I hope that this growing document I'm working on can be of
service to those reading the OST books, learning about, and using Open
Space in different languages.  When I get a first set of languages done
I can post it on my website for all to share and I can keep adding
languages as new people come to help and expand it.

Okay so I had to stop for awhile but I'm starting it up again and I
would like to ask for your help.

I already have had help and therefore have translations in these
languages, with the help of these great people (and a few others who
recommended adjustments):

English - Lisa Heft (big surprise)
Portuguese - Artur Silva
German - Michael Pannwitz and Bernd Weber
Serbian - Dragana Tomic
Spanish - Jaime Pedreros
Swedish - Thomas Herrmann

* * *  Would anyone out there like to add another language?  I can send
you a vocabulary worksheet to begin - just let us know online here on
OSLIST so others will know that language is taken and I will send you a
worksheet directly. * * *

Above are the languages which use the same alphabet (basically) as
English - the following are translations I will be making available as
well if possible through pdf links or some other process:

Russian - Elena Marchuk
Arabic - Carol Daniel Kasbari
Hebrew - Tova Averbuch

So if you wish to add a language that does not have characters like we
use in English, let's try it - I am sure there is a way and my wonderful
friend Guillermo who has been building my website is going to make it

Thank you to all who have been helping and are about to help.

[For you generous folks already listed above I will contact you in
awhile to double-check some of the words - there may have been a few
more added since you helped me and I would also like you to check things
before I post to ensure there have been no formatting errors between the



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