report from Haiti Regional OSonOS

john engle englejohn at
Wed Jun 23 07:08:57 PDT 2004

hi friends.

my haitian colleagues held the third annual haitian OSonOS this past
weekend, convening 46 people over two and a half days on the theme
"embracing peace." this was the first year that i was absent. thus, i'm
reading from the 16 reports which folks have already placed on wiki.

what excites me the most is that three practitioners (some of you know fremy
who is a ring leader:)) initiated the creation of open space institute,
Haiti and took on the organization of this regional OSonOS as the
institute's first project. while i'm not a founding member of the OSI haiti,
and do not plan to be on the board, colleagues have asked me to share what i
know about OSI's in other countries. thus, you who are involved in an OSI
and who are sharing of your work are having an impact on haiti. thank you!

fremy cesar, jude apollon and samson joseph convened a session on OSI Haiti
and invited others to become involved.

one participant of the gathering just posted a message on the haitian creole
listserve (about 100 people on this list serve):

Dear colleagues,

I want to share my story with Open Space. This is a great method. It makes
my work easier and puts people at ease so that they can address things in as
much or little detail as they wish to. OS helps us learn to be better
listeners and to ask better questions.

This method brings me great satisfaction and helps me to know when to enter
into a conversation and when to avoid a conversation. I'm learning how to
better manage myself and to take responsibility for that which I undertake.


just wanted to share this encouraging news with all of you.

warm regards,

john - Reflections about Haiti, life, and our work.

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