A thought to take us further?

Ashley Cooper ashcooper at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 22 10:17:58 PDT 2004

> Hi--
> This insight came to me this morning, and I wonder if it takes us further
> on our road toward understanding what, in the larger picture, is going on
> inside humanity?
>       Posting a topic serves to focus our attention on an aspect of
>       something we care about. Focusing attention is a way of assuming
>       responsibility.
> Does this feel right? Can you suggest where this might be heading?
>                               :-Doug. Germann
>                               Retreats to Make Change

i also think that posting a topic, in any form (OST, listserv, forum,
bulletin board, in converstation, etc.) is a way of inviting curiosity and
care. by focussing the attention and inviting expanssion/exploration with
others, one is inviting others to join in the momentum of bringing a topic
out into action... a chance to expand upon the notion through curiosity and
care. when passion accompanies accepting the invitation, that's when a
collective assumption of responsibility seems to be most powerful. feels
silly to be saying this to this audience...as i'm just describing OST.

"Passion to responsibility is more of a glide than a phase shift."

chris, will you say more about that?



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