Lex McCafferty mccafferty at
Wed Dec 22 12:52:57 PST 2004

Pro-vocative is alright ... depending on the
relationship/rapport/dynamics/space. It can go either way. If the
relationship is sweet, then fine, and if the relationship is sour, well, the
worth of the provocative question could be lost in the reaction.

How about e-vocative questions??? They may not suck (well, I have to admit
that mine sometimes do, although not in the sense I think that Harrison
intended!) but they can draw (out), and in a very real sense make clear
what's in the space or what could be. Think collaborative and creative.

The other thing, for me, is that I find it hard to come up with a 'list' of
questions - they just seem to generate appropriately in the space at the
time. Though you are right about the attitude of 'curiosity'- a necessary

My first post, and I really like this list.


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