Florian Fischer ff at
Wed Dec 22 02:46:31 PST 2004

Am 21.12.2004 14:04 Uhr schrieb "Harrison Owen" unter <hhowen at>:

>.. Truthfully I
> had never seen the word "Nescience" before -- ..... Or --
> Nescience is the Open Space in which knowledge shows up. Or -- Necience is
> the question and Science the answer.
 Or: Science is the question and nescience is the answer.

> I apologize to all those on the LIST (Probably the majority) who do not have
> English as a primary language. If what you have read above sounds a little
> twisted and strange -- that is not due to your unfamiliarity with English.

don`t worry. I never had better lessons to improve my english.

»Nescience«  is in german a quite familiar word »Nicht-Wissen«
and it´s quite another meaning than ignorance.

I´m curious about the article you are going to write.

a hug

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