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Ilse Debler ilse.debler at
Fri Dec 17 05:48:21 PST 2004

Dear Funda, dear os-list

Not non-woodie but jay-bird! ;-) (equivalent for 'early warning system')
The "non-woodies" are the perceived dangers/inconsistancies etc..

'old Europe' is struggeling hard these days to accept Turkey as a new member
in the EU.
Negotiations are rather difficult and delicate...
The closer you get to the issues the more emotional things get...
There is a difference in having war at the other end of the world or infront
of your doorstep.

I feel, having a female turkish member - and I suppose you, Funda, are the
only one at the moment in this list - is an extraordinary gift.
Your passion, your courage and curiosity is remarkable.
You see a lot of what's wrong in the world and want to improve things.
Intrinsic motivation is a precious ressource.
And you feel moved to speak a lot.

You might have noticed that os-facilitators are doing service on a
Content is important mainly for the participants while the facilitator keeps
an eye on making sure the space in which it happens is serving this purpose.
One of the tasks is to *listen very well*, e.g. to the initiator(s) of the
event beforehand - to make sure the issue is justifying an Open Space
methodologically, and if so, encourage the invitation of as wide a circle of
stakeholders as possible.
One of the challenges during the event - after introducing os - is to be
available and fully present for the process - again, on a meta level.
If your stake in the *topic* itself is very high you might not be detached
enough to focus an your facilitation task and better ask a more neutral
colleague to do the job. Then you have all time to participate yourself.

So, this might be one of the bewildering things for you:
The seemingly different focus of being confronted with problems very close
by and discussing on a methodological level.
The various levels of trauma - especially for females - are a much more
personal issue that might not be adequately treated in intellectual
Emotions want to be treated emotionally... need body language, warmth,
And OS may only serve as a kick off for ongoing circles who want to work
further on those issues, perhaps with different methods then.

I better stop here for now.
Didn't want to sound 'preaching' - I could have done better in my
(And if I had read all of the mails and not just a few!)

~ Ilse

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From: "Funda Oral" <fundaokan at>
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Subject: Re: AI, Story telling etc.

> Dear Ilse,
> Thank you for speaking up and not leaving me alone...because when there is
> nobody saying anything about my "issue" ( talking about OST terms)..i
> to
> question myself, be doubtful about my feelings and thoughts..i start to
> say to myself... "probably i am not normal having these questions in mind"
> so maybe we are 2 non-woodies but that's ok....
> Funda

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