Practice of Peace in Sweden--A reflection on the Issue

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Mon Dec 6 20:27:00 PST 2004

 "Alexander Kjerulf" <mailto:alexander at> schrieb:
> And remember that inner peace isn't the same as complacency. Quite the
> contrary, if you're at peace with yourself and the world, you're much
> more ready and willing to do something about it. Conversely, if your
> worldview is dominated by anger and frustration at the current state of
> the world, you're in a bad position to spread peace.
> I found an excellent quote by Patch Adams, that points to this:
> /Change that is deeply effective and positive presents a paradoxical
> challenge. On the one hand, there needs to be an appreciation and
> acceptance of how things are in the here and now. On the other hand,
> there needs to be an active intention to make things better. Nothing
> needs to change, and everything can improve. This is the way to avoid
> the two extremist traps of activist's frustration or pessimistic
> complacency./
> - Patch Adams
> Can you accept and appreciate the world as it is right now? Then you can
> start to make it better (to quote the Beatles) :o)

Dear Alexander,

I want to stress what you wrote with a quote from Carl Rogers (client-centered psychotherapy):

"The odd paradox is that I can change myself when I accept myself the way I am."

Just now, during these last weeks, I get into deeply understanding how valid this is on every level, including the level of my outer world as well.

I have been fighting for change a lot - and as the expression already shows this fight did not lead into peace, but by making the other person wrong I created resistance and more conflict. In my current opinion the foundation for change can only be the belief that there was a good reason for me or another person or a group to act the way we did. Which led us where we are now. Acting different in the future can than be reached by inviting, by showing alternatives, by inspiring people to believe that it is possible to do and to reach what they have not thought to be possible before. And by having them decide to change from free will. 

And I agree with you, Anu, and what you wrote about the all-oneness instead of continuing to fight the battle of mine and thine. And about really living an open space life. Thanks for your long piece on peace.


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