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> In Sociodrama, we would talk about the role that Tom is taking which is 
> something like Universal Fixer.  OS allows him to develop the roles of Naive 
> Observer, Skilled Questioner, Light-footed Dancer with Geeks.  If it suits the 
> circumstance, I might muse with/coach Tom about the roles he might take in 
> order to 'let go', to let him of the hook of I'm responsible for all this'.  
> That's part of the beauty of OS too.  It's so easy once you "get it".
This is great, Ros--and Chris Corrigan sent a piece to the OSList a couple of 
days ago about coaching which may also be relevant.

Tom's questions remind me a bit of Michael Herman's archetypal question, "Can 
Catholics do Open Space?"   Most of us have some anxiety about the unknown, 
and that anxiety fixes itself on some aspect of the situation and looks for 
answers or guarantees.

I suspect that even academics from different disciplines can manage Open 
Space, and will be able to communicate with each other (which they already do in a 
variety of situations).   If they cannot manage it, that is a huge discovery, 
important if not exactly heartening.   But a good theme for the next Open 

Good luck, Tom and Peggy!


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