New Year's Note

Judi Richardson judir at
Fri Dec 31 14:31:18 PST 2004

Energetically we know  to focus on that which we
can control...and we have control only over one thing -
the way that we feel at any moment in time and our connection with

But there is a RIPPLE effect and this is my understanding of it.  As
I stand joyful in my connection to Source, and as I
hear of the tragedy in Southeast Asia, the contrast causes me to
send out a powerful rocket of desire on behalf of all there who
are suffering in any way....and as I choose to maintain my good
feeling, I choose to hold a vision of families reunited, people
receiving the comfort and aid that they need, re-building taking place
easily, etc., etc. Yes, this does help me to continue feeling good AND I
am also adding my energy to the desires of the folks in that area and
therefore I am assisting all those who are open to these kinds of
thoughts to hold on to their own visions....and Source always
answers if we are open to receive.

Blessings to all......... Best Wishes for 2005 -- here's to opening more
space in our world!


Judith Richardson, MA
Coaching & Consulting
Optimizing Performance, Potential and Profitability
Winner -- International Coach of the Year!

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If you live your life as gracefully as you know how, as playfully as you
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