Trauma in Asia

Thomas Herrmann thomas at
Fri Dec 31 02:54:32 PST 2004

Dear friends
In this time of grief all over the world I have not been able to focus on
much else than being with my family. Almost everyone in Sweden knows someone
traumatized, missing or dead from the disaster in Asia. There were 20-30 000
Swedes in the area. And there are other people who are hit much worse.

We had a collection within the family to send money to the region, my kids
Moa 10 and Anton 14 contributed and even the cat Mysan did. I ask all of you
who can, to please contribute via your Red Cross or whatever organization
you choose. It will take years to build up all that has been wiped out, but
right now there is a huge need to help those who are without shelter and

War and natural catastrophes happen all the time but we are normally not hit
in Sweden. This tragedy may open up our eyes to see all those suffering
around our world, and that we may be of some assistance.

I am happy to be part of a community of lovely people like you, and I´m
happy to have my whole family with me here in my home. My thoughts and
greatest sympathy to those who lost there loved ones or are still searching
for them.
I wish for you a very good 2005

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