OS-Advanced Training in Berlin

Elena A. Marchuk marco at mail.nsk.ru
Sun May 27 23:39:03 PDT 2001


Before Birgitt Williams will be in Berlin, she will be with us - in
Novosibirsk, and we are very happy, that we managed with the help of all our
friends and future friends, I hope, to find possibilities to organize the
OST training in Siberia.

We shall work on the 3-4-5-6 of June and that will be really great
opportunity for all democratic and creative forces of our country.

the info letter and anketa (in Russian) are attached.

we are waiting for YOU!


Elena Marchuk

I'm back home and let me put back my brains cells, as Lisa Heft is saying
but I would like to thank you all of you who thought about me and who made
my trip to Birgitt's Williams advanced training in OST is San-Francisco

Also I would like to thank all my friends who couldn't see me "waisting" my
time in S-F and made it possible for me to go to the IAF Conference in
Minneapolis where Lisa Heft and me had a chance to present a one day OS -
and we did not hesitate a moment and made it happen!

My dear collegues and friends, thank you very much !!!!!

Now we are trying to move our Open Space World to Siberia.

good luck to us and to all of you!

Elena Marchuk

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> Dear Open Space Colleagues in Europe,
> in about two weeks (June, 13 to 15) Birgitt Williams
> and 14 very experienced Open Space practitioners
> from Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kindom
> and of course Germany will meet in Berlin.
> If you are interested in an Open Space Advanced Training
> with Birgitt focusing on Open Space Organizations ... if you have
> time to take part ... be spontaneously and come! That would be
> wonderful!
> Birgitt and I are looking so much forward to this event.
> For more informations ...  http://www.insyko.de/advanced_training.htm
> Warm greetings to all of you from a sunny Berlin
> Gabriela
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