OS-Advanced Training in Berlin

Institut für systemische Kommunikation info at insyko.de
Sun May 27 01:28:29 PDT 2001

Dear Open Space Colleagues in Europe,

in about two weeks (June, 13 to 15) Birgitt Williams
and 14 very experienced Open Space practitioners
from Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kindom
and of course Germany will meet in Berlin.

If you are interested in an Open Space Advanced Training
with Birgitt focusing on Open Space Organizations ... if you have
time to take part ... be spontaneously and come! That would be

Birgitt and I are looking so much forward to this event.
For more informations ...  http://www.insyko.de/advanced_training.htm

Warm greetings to all of you from a sunny Berlin

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e-mail: info at insyko.de
website: http://www.insyko.de

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