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Wed May 16 05:41:01 PDT 2001

I have encouraged drop-ins.  Of course I encourage everyone to be at the
opening hour.  But I have recently facilitated two open space events where
people dropped in and out with quite good success.  One with a University
Faculty association where some had to leave to go teach a class or have a
meeting.  Many came back for the convergence even if they only attended one
or two sessions.  People have the freedom to do that anyway.  The other was
an Urban Health conference with researchers, health providers and local
health activists.  Again, some participants only came to part of the event.

In both cases I was around to clue people in who were not at the opening.
However, the group did it for me.  Politicians, once they see the momentum
established and that they cannot find a ready made audience will either
leave or get involved in some discussions.


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